Why Is Full Spectrum Light So Important?

The whole point of growing indoors is to mimic the outdoor growing conditions while also having 100% control over them. You can’t control the sun, but what you can do is use LED grow lights that closely mimic the sun. The better job they do at mimicking natural light, the bigger the plants will grow, and the higher your yield will be.

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Our LED grow lights at Spider Farmer are some of the best full spectrum LED grow lights on the market. Not only are they full spectrum, but they’re also fully adjustable so that you can adjust your lights and customize them to suit each growth stage from growth through to bloom and flower. Simply adjust the dimming knob on your LED grow light as your plant progresses through each stage of its growth cycle.  

Not having to make significant changes to your grow setup or lighting setup as your plant progresses through each stage of its growth cycle is critical to ensuring that your plants stay happy and healthy. With our range of customizable full spectrum LED grow lights, you’ll be able to ensure that your plants get exactly the right type of light that they need, when they need it, without any trouble at all.

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