how to import LED light from China ?

china led neon strip light

Key steps is the same as in any procurement process – namely,

  • search for suppliers, or attend one of many lighting expos’s in Shenzhen, Guangzhou or Dongguan.
  • get & study the datasheets,
  • bargain for the price,
  • pay fedex charges to get samples, and test them firsthand.
  • place orders &
  • send 30% or 100% payment in advance TT. ( Chinese abhor LCs)
  • Visit china at the time of shipment, to check the quality yourself

Our experience shows that most Suppliers are honest to specifications unless you have bargained the price to ridiculous levels.

Few suppliers overstate their rating by one level up, but these can be understood during the testing of samples that they courier to you at your cost.

Certifications required: BIS certification conforming to relevant Indian safety standards is mandatory for Bulbs, LED Drivers, few streetlights & downlights & panel lights.

The Customs duties are lower for LED products & inputs, subject to certain conditions & documentation.

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